Bondage Massage:

"A Sensational Experience"

Bondage Massage offers a heightened sensory experience of being touched. A magical shift of consciousness and awareness takes place once you are bound to the massage table. In a world where most people are obsessed with being in control, the experience of surrender – even in this limited and controlled container – can be quite liberating and powerful.

Each session is tailored to make it work well for the individual. There are many options, and all must be consensual. I normally use leather wrist and ankle restraints to secure you to the massage table. I then offer a variety of touch, therapeutic massage, sensation play, titillation, S/M, sensuality, and erotic activity. It is best if you tell me, before we begin, about your desires, fantasies, and limitations.

Everyone has different triggers, but the helplessness of being restrained, plus possibly a blindfold, changes the dynamic in an exciting way. So just imagine yourself tied down, naked, to the table, face down and/or face up. Does the thought excite you? Then I do things to titillate and pleasure your body. Let me know if you have more questions.

Why come for a Bondage Massage?:

Everyone comes for their own reasons, and everyone has their own unique experience.

  • You want a great massage … with a twist!
  • You want a more interactive, erotic experience rather than just a typical massage.
  • You want to try something new.
  • You want a safe space for an introduction to BDSM.
  • You want to try sensual spanking or flogging.
  • You want to be touched by someone who really understands nipple play.
  • You want an experienced top.
  • You want to be taken by a strong, well-endowed man.
  • You want to sense your own strength and courage.
  • You want to feel loved.
  • You want to explore your bottom side.
  • You want a DEEP experience.
  • You seek a spirit guide.
  • You're in charge all the time, and you need to let go.
  • You're a control freak, and you need to let go.
  • You know how to surrender, and you want someone to hold space for you to let go.
  • You want an "only in San Francisco" experience.

It's all about what works for you, so none of these experiences are required. They are presented in order to open your mind to some of the possibilities.


The Bondage Massage session lasts 90 minutes. The rate is $300. There are no discounts or half sessions.

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Caveats for my space:

  • No PNP.
  • No smoking.
  • No poppers.
  • Thanks!
Jenner, CA
Jenner, CA
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updated: 13 DEC 2022