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Several clients have posted complimentary reviews on Yelp.com. Thank you! Since Yelp has a pesky filter that occasionally rotates reviews out of view, I have collected them all here. You can also visit my page on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/brian-swager-certified-massage-therapist-san-francisco

I want all of my clients to be 100% satisfied with my work. Therefore I encourage direct feedback during sessions. If you come for a massage, please let me know right away if you are not having the experience that you desire so that I can make the appropriate adjustments. After all, when you're on my table, it's all about you. Everyone has different preferences regarding the amount of pressure, focus, temperature, volume and type of background music, etc. I'm pretty good at reading minds and bodies, but it's best if you simply tell me what you want.

The Reviews:

"I've been a frequent massage client of Brian's since 2003, and I could not recommend anyone more highly. He has wonderful strong hands and an intuitive touch that allows him to apply just the right amount of pressure to melt away the stress, plus he listens well and remembers what works for you, which really improves the results.
I have a chronic health condition that results in tight and painful muscles, and I need regular massage therapy to work out the knots. I've tried dozens of massage therapists over the past 20+ years, but I've found it difficult to find a therapist with the right combination of strength, skill and sensitivity to give me a really good "deep tissue" massage. Brian has that rare combination of skills and intuition which I've found to be very effective at relieving the muscle pain and tightness which I feel.
I recently moved to San Jose, but I'm still willing to drive to San Francisco for a massage with Brian -- he's that good!" .. Reed W., San Jose, CA

"When I first began searching for a massage therapist, I found that some knew their technique but lacked the intuition to apply their knowledge. When I came to Brian, I finally found someone who could blend the two vital aspects of massage together. In addition to his massage skills, Brian has strong hands that can really dig into my calves but he also knows when let up on the pressure when the knots get too tender.
"Brian also has a warm personality that creates an environment of relaxation and nurturing comfort. Whether I am drifting off in soothing bliss or talking out things that are on my mind, I always feel at ease with him. I would absolutely recommend Brian to anyone who needs a therapist with compassion and proven abilities to bring relief." .. Alex P., San Francisco

"Brian is a really fine massage therapist and I have gotten a lot of massages over the years! He is really intuitive and works as lightly or deeply as I need that day. He is a great listener and responds to what I tell him is going on for me. I also felt totally safe going to him, no awkwardness at all." .. Carol G., San Francisco

"Brian is an excellent masseur! I've been to several massage therapists, and Brian is without a doubt the best one that I've been to. He has a caring, strong touch, but he's also very conscientious always asking how you feel and if the pressure is OK. I was having some back pain and was just overall stressed the last time I saw him, but literally 'floated' home after my session. i would recommend Brian to anyone needing a great massage!" .. Herbert G., San Francisco

"My experiences receiving massage from Brian have all been delightful. He has been professional and courteous to me, asking what I need that day and giving me an individual and varied experience each time. I feel comfortable in his studio and with him. The space is light, clean, attractive and relaxing. His technique speaks to his high level of experience. I especially appreciate his checking-in with me to see how I'm doing and if the massage is meeting my needs. He gladly makes any requested adjustments. I leave feeling deeply relaxed." .. Lisa S., Eureka, CA

"Brian is friendly, professional, intuitive, experienced and exudes a comfortable positive energy. Every massage has been a different experience as he focuses on what I need for that day. I am always pleasantly surprised by new techniques I had not experienced before. He is very experienced in a large number of different massage techniques and is very knowledgeable about the body.
I always leave in a relaxed state of nirvana and I always come back again!" .. Greg P., San Francisco

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updated: 13 DEC 2022