Bodywork Modalities

My massage sessions typically incorporate an eclectic blend of styles. I adapt each massage to your body's needs. You can request anything from gentle, soothing touch, to therapeutic, as-deep-as-you-want massage. My desire is to give you a profound healing experience and to send you back into the world in a relaxed yet energized state of bliss. Furthermore, my touch comes from my heart, satisfying our deep yearning to be held, cradled, embraced.

Known as Swedish/Esalen style, a full-body, traditional western massage treats all of the major muscle groups to long gliding strokes and kneading. It tends toward gentle and nurturing. Deep Tissue work involves more intense pressure and is more effective in releasing restrictions in connective tissue and relaxing tight muscles. Trigger Point Therapy releases involuntary muscular contractions that have become the source of chronic pain. This is in essence similar to Shiatsu and Acupressure. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is characterized by continuous, flowing strokes that work gently yet deeply into the muscles, with loving heart energy moving through loving hands, with an intention of bringing healing to the whole self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Bodywork for Personal Growth

Beyond our desire for relaxation and need for physical touch to facilitate that, I am convinced that massage has an effect that goes far deeper than the physical body.

I believe that the body is a temple, that the soul within is a divine presence, that the spirit manifests the expression of the soul through the body, and that soulful bodywork is an appropriate manner of worshiping in the body-temple.

Individuals experiencing physical or emotional pain seek help. Various avenues are taken, including drugs and Western medicine, diet, religion, counseling, sex therapy, meditation, and chiropractic. In many cases, physical problems are actually the mysterious manifestations of unresolved emotional conflict. While the mind may forget, the body always remembers and holds on to emotional scars until they are resolved. Soulful bodywork is an effective means of accessing and eliminating areas of physical and emotional dis-ease.

Healthy individuals seek to broaden their horizons. Complacence is simple, while growth can be challenging. Soulful bodywork helps one to discover the spirit's yearnings, give strength and courage to the soul, and give wings to the unrealized potential of the dynamic being within.

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updated: 13 DEC 2022